If you are looking for accommodation
with beautiful nature, Nature Resorts is the perfect choice.

We are a small company with a broad vision. We transform dreams into reality. We tread softly across nature’s canvas, careful to leave it without blemish.

We strive to make a difference and create a better world: a world around our resorts in which our guests can get in touch with the simple joys that make vacations truly rewarding.


Live life, Naturally!

Step into our world… off-trail, unspoilt, luxurious, and in sync with nature…. where days slip away like birds in flight…

Nature Home
Enjoy a lavish 7-course spice plantation menu infused with spices found in our own plantation… all natural and organic.
Nature Home
Balance your doshas and re-tool your chakras at Ayurshala, which literally means the school of Ayurveda.
Nature Home
Kick-start the evening with sundowners served to you by your own butler as you laze in a hammock. Great to relax in the hammock.
Nature Home
Go on a forest walk with our guide. Walk on well-trodden trails; look out for loping bison or the Indian gaur as it melts into the moist depths of the jungle...
Nature Home
Indulge the caveman lurking deep within you… dine in a proper cave under a rocky ledge within the property.
Nature Home
Bevina, our charming open-sided restaurant, lets the outdoors indoors for a party. Breakfast with the sun; make friends with the colourful birds..
Nature Resorts
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