Explore Coonoor, where colonial India jostles modern India. Upper Coonoor is wrapped in the glistening green of tea plantations and dotted with waterfall-streaked valleys and misty mountains, evocative of another un-spoilt world. Still the frenetic heartbeat of the present, and slip into a world of secret delights!

Popular must-see sights here are:

Lamb’s Rock :

Lamb’s rock is named after Captain Lamb who walked the extra mile to literallycreate a path to this spot, some 14 km from Aruvankadu. This popular picnic spot has a breathtaking view of a yawning ravine in the valley below.

Dolphin’s Nose :

A unique rock of enormous proportion that resembles a dolphin’s nose; and hence the name. The outcrop, about 18 km from Aruvankadu, offers a panoramic view of tea estates and thundering waterfalls.

Sim’s Park :

A botanical garden that is located in the upper part of this hill station on the road to Kotagiri. The garden was named in honour of J.D. Sim who created the park in the 1870s.

The park is open from 8 AM to 6 PM and an entrance fee of Rs 20 per adult and Rs 10 per child is charged.

Tea Factory Tour:

This is a quick guided tour of a very charming factory located near Lambs Rock.Here you get to see the entire tea making process with all the detailing that goes into it.

Cost: – Rs 30.Guests who do not have their own car/vehicle need to hire a car. Our Help Desk will make the necessary arrangements.