Coonoor Market Tour (30 mins)

Get lost in the tiny, quaint market of coonoor, with narrow winding lanes, typical of a hill town.

Duck into minuscule shops and browse colourful stalls piled high with fruits, vegetables, groceries, fabrics, leather items, toda embroideries and natural oils like eucalyptus. Walk into traditional, fragrant bakeries that brim with delicious home-made chocolates, melt-in-the-mouth cookies and biscuits. Try varkies, a local snack typical of ooty and coonoor. Varkies have been stocked and displayed for decades in vintage glass jars in every tiny village shop worth its salt! If you grew up in this area, or went to school in ooty or coonoor, varkies will bring back fond memories.

A market tour is a charming experience, travelling back in time to another era when everything was fresh, organic and pleasing to the eye!

Incidentally, parts of the market are shut on fridays.

Guests who do not have their own car/vehicle need to hire a car. Our executives will make the necessary arrangements (Rs 500 non a/c/ Indica – 4 to a car).