Experience a mountain high!

(Tours and Treks)

At tea nest annexe, the journey could be both inward, into yourself and/or outward, into the great outdoors. Yes, our homestay is a sanctuary for the senses, where you can ponder on life and let your imagination run riot…

Yet the world outside too is an unfolding narrative of a myriad delights… of sky-high mountains, lush forests and aromatic spice and tea plantations! And we can make the necessary arrangements for you to explore a world waiting to be embraced.

Pedal for a good cause

Go that extra mile, rather pedal away for a good cause! All you have to do is embark on a two-hour, 6- km cycling tour from tea nest annexe to tiger hill plantation (timings morning 7.30 am to 9.30 am and evening 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm) in the nilgiri hills!

The idea is not to win a race, but to soak up the glistening beauty and earthiness of the tea estates in the nilgiris as you cycle past them.

We do not charge anything for the cycling tour but you can donate whatever you wish as this is a non-profit initiative and funds raised go towards a specific worthy cause every year. If it is the education of adivasi children one year, the next year, it may be extending a helping hand to set up an old age home in the nilgiris!

To learn more about this year’s cause and where your fund raising efforts will be directed, do check with our executive at tea nest annexe.

We hope that our guests will go that extra mile for something they feel strongly about… A good deed builds good karma!

Tea plantation walk

Stroll down red-earth trails that snake through rolling hills carpeted with green tea bushes. Inhale lungs-full of scented mountain air. Learn the secrets of good tea: of how it starts with two leaves and a bud; of how it is processed… Admire planters’ bungalows, heritage structures that float like islands in a sea of green.

You may even run into a clutch of tea pluckers whose agile fingers dance over the stunted bushes, harvesting their bounty.

Very likely too, you may come across wild indian gaur or bison foraging in the furrows that run between rows of tea bushes. Admire them… from a safe distance, of course.

Top off the walk with a cuppa at the homestay. Now that you know a little more about tea you will be able to appreciate its finer nuances!