“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food”

Heating the food destroys its nutrients and natural enzymes, think about uncooked, unprocessed farm fresh food, we are going to experience the culinary journey of uncooked food through the birders dictionary


(Juliennes of red cabbage, farm fresh broccoli and bell pepper with ginger honey vinaigrette dressing)

Local Patch

(Sun dried tomato with almonds, sesame seeds and dates)

Birds call burritos

(Vegetable burritos with berries and sprouts wrapped in marinated spinach)


(5 Days Old Farm Fresh Sprouts with Fresh Coconut Milk with Dash Of Honey /Palm Sugar)


(Coconut curried peanut soup with broccoli, spinach, leeks ginger and homemade herbs)


(Vegetable wraps with chefs special sauce accompanied by dices of farm fresh vegetable, sprouts with dash of apple cider vinegar)


(Concoction of Avocado and chocolate with and coconut cream)