Teanest Annexe


Nilgiris – it’s easy to get poetic when pronouncing the name; to linger over it; to stretch out the word like a song… So evocative is the name of the misty beauty of these blue-green mountains, shared by tamil nadu, karnataka and kerala…

And nothing is lost in translation for nila means blue and giri means mountains… blue mountains is an equally enchanting name.

One of the earliest descriptions of the nilgiris where teanest is situated was the one by captain s. b, ward, dy surveyor General of the then madras government. “The climate of these mountains,” he said “is the finest known in the tropics.”

And we at teanest intend to keep it that way – the tea estates that surround the property create beautiful geometric patterns across the rolling landscape. And don’t be surprised if you see wild Indian gaur foraging in this maze of green. mountains – tall and sentinel – look down on this pristine land and guard the secrets of the past in their stony folds.

Ootacamund, queen of the hill stations, is only 22 km away while kotagiri and wellington are other spots that visitors can explore at leisure. Scale the highest peak in south india – dodabetta – all of 8,649 ft; head out to mukurthi, another lush rainforest area; or the hills and dales of upper bhavani.

If you want, you could head for kanyakumari, the tip of India where three oceans meet; to chennai by the sea or even to the neighbouring states of kerala and karnataka.