Kurumba Village Resort



If you are looking for accommodationwith beautiful nature, Nature Resorts is the perfect choice.
We are a small company with a broad vision. We transform dreams into reality. We tread softly across nature’s canvas, careful to leave it without blemish. 


We strive to make a difference and create a better world: a world around our resorts in which our guests can get in touch with the simple joys that make vacations truly rewarding.

Live life, Naturally!

Step into our world… off-trail, unspoilt, luxurious, and in sync with nature…. where days slip away like birds in flight…


The Garden Rooms are among our best rooms in the hotel. The rooms come with access to the garden. All you need to do is soak in the sun with a book or just star gaze at night and revel in the enchanting ambience. Savour the warmth and intimacy of a private bonfire in the garden every evening.All our rooms are spacious and airy and have a king- size bed with crisp sheets and bed linen to encourage restful slumber. There is also a large en-suite bathroom along with luxurious amenities including fluffy bathrobes and slippers, to complement your stay.

Our Restaurant

The cuisine served at the intriguingly named Bird of Paradise restaurant is like the proverbial bird of the same name – it is a fleeting tantalizing presence on one’s tongue, releasing complex flavours, leaving behind a sweet lingering memory. The restaurant, located at Willow Hill by Nature Resorts in Ooty, ropes in scenic mountain views that play a duet with the appetizing meals, served in this haven.