Vanakkam! Welcome to Sleeping Beauty, where your senses awaken to the splendour of a canvas painted by nature. The fairy-tale Nature Stay is a gateway to the Blue Mountainsor the Nilgiris and offers a panoramic view of a cloud-snagged mountain range locally known as Sleeping Beauty. The cosy getaway snuggles in the hamlet of Aruvankadu, mid-way between Coonoor and Ooty in Tamil Nadu.

In keeping with the name of the Nature Stay, the 8 rooms are named after the characters in the 1959animated Disney film of the same name. They are dubbed, Merry Weather Fauna, Flora, Queen Leah, Ferry, King Hubert, Princess Aurora…
hill-top property has wrap-around views of tea plantations and a virgin rain forest as well as a misty mountain range that resembles a sleeping maiden (Hence the name, Sleeping Beauty.)Wake up to the chirping of birds and sip tea on your private balcony even as you take in emerald-green vistas and the Blue Mountains capped with scudding clouds.

Sprinkle fairy dust on your vacation; let your imagination take flight at Sleeping Beauty and transport you to a world of child-like wonder and beauty.