Teanest Nightingale sits snug of Tea estates in Kotagiri. The property is 4 km from kotagiri.

Closest airport: Coimbatore Airport

Closest railway stations: Coimbatore station

The toy train

When you travel on the toy train in the nilgiris, the journey is indeed the destination. For this quaint little train that recently chugged into the listing of unesco world heritage sites, brims with raj nostalgia. Built over a century ago, the 40 km track that ducks through 16 tunnels and trundles over 362 bridges, snakes up mountains that are carpeted with virgin forests, rolling meadows and the neat geometric patterns of tea plantations. And if you are lucky, you might even get to see a herd of wild elephants crossing the track.

According to discovery channel, the narrow gauge track between mettupalayam and coonoor is one of the steepest in world and it was one of the very first railway projects to use the cogwheel to negotiate the incline.

The toy train is a year-round service. It chugs out of mettupalayam every morning and returns in the evening. Its timings tie in with the overnight nilgiri express between chennai central station and mettupalayum via coimbatore.

The railways run an additional service between mettupalayam and ooty to cope with the summer and diwali vacations rush.

In addition there are morning and evening shuttle services between coonoor and ooty – 19 km apart.

The Guest can come till Coonoor from toy train and then the guest can hire a car from Coonoor to come till Teanest Nightingale property.

Getting to nightingale by road

(Distances in Kilometres)

Coonoor 16 km
Ooty 25 km
Coimbatore 68 km
Salem 203 km
Kochi 283 km
Mysore 149 km
Bangalore 301 km
Chennai 546 km
Hyderabad 877 km
Mumbai 1,219 km


Time taken to travel by air and rail to coimbatore

(The closest airport and main-line station to the resort)

Time in Hours

Salem 2.5
Kochi 30 minutes 4
Mysore 5.5 (bus)
Bangalore 30 minutes 8
Chennai 1 9
Hyderabad 24
Mumbai 1 hours 50 minutes 36

The drive from coimbatore to the homestay is about 2 hrs


Latitude : 11.423196
Longitude : 76.837359
Altitude : 6000 feet or 1850 meters above sea level.