Willow Hill


Willow Hill by Nature Resorts

Set on a lush hillside and enfolded in greenery, soaring trees and lawns, Willow Hill is located 3 km from the 22-hectare Government Botanical Garden and 86 km from Coimbatore International Airport.

When you stay at serene Willow Hill you have access to all that Ooty has to offer by way of sightseeing and adventure.Only minutes from the city center, this strategic location ensures that guests can quickly and easily reach many local points of interest.  Ooty Lake is 2.4 km away and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway is only 2.3 km away. Indeed, Willow Hill is the ideal base for an escape into pristine nature.

Nothing starts a morning better than a delicious breakfast, which you will enjoy at Willow Hill. If you don’t feel like going out for breakfast, you can always opt for the delicious foodie options at the Bird of Paradise – our in -house restaurant.  Willow Hill is ready to cater to all your needs and whims… whether it is a classic English afternoon tea or a candlelit dinner in our garden. 

But the most riveting reward for staying at Willow Hill is the vision of the Blue Mountains, the Nilgiris, that seem to sneak into the viewfinder of every wayfarer’s camera. Indeed, it’s easy to get poetic when pronouncing the name; to linger over it; to stretch out the word like a song… so redolent of beauty is the name of the misty blue-green mountains, shared by Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala…

And nothing is lost in translation for Nila means blue and giri means mountains… Blue Mountains is an equally enchanting name.

An ideal climate makes the Nilgiris a year-round destination. The air here is crisp and the temperature remains cool throughout the year, even during the summer months. And the monsoons bring their magic with mist sweeping across the mountains like the flutter of a seductress’s veil.

March - May 15 Deg C 22 Deg C Light woolens
June - September 10 Deg C 18 Deg C Thick woolens & rain wear
October – February 7 18 Heavy woolens