Nature Resorts

Responsible Tourism


We are a small company with a broad vision. We transform dreams into reality. We tread softly across nature’s canvas, careful to leave it without blemish. We strive to make a difference and create a better world: a world around our resorts in which our guests can get in touch with the simple joys that make vacations truly rewarding. 


Our Green Code

We will

Reviving the traditional cultural heritage of the region

We will

Restoring the natural ecological balance of the destination

We will

Fair trade practices

We will

Minimizing negative impact on the environment

We will


Minimize consumption, recycle waste water and use it appropriately

Light Pollution

We will strive to use efficient systems of public lighting so as not to disturb nocturnal wildlife


Minimize energy consumption and use alternate energy sources wherever possible


Minimize the use of plastics

Sound Pollution

Minimize noise levels within and around the property

Waste Management

Minimize waste and implement effective waste management systems

Air Pollution

Minimize air


Reduce use of paper in our operations and promote the use of recycled paper